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The #1 video-sharing website online for Business and Education

BizVids Pro is a Business Information and Professional content video-sharing platform.

We invite content creators interested in sharing professional information with other professionals, investors, and future entrepreneurs.

BizVids Pro separates itself from other video-sharing platforms by vetting our content creators in the professional categories that they apply. This helps to reduce the chances of false information being spread over the internet.

Our company, Sentinel Solutions, is a B2B based business model of 15 years. Our different platforms and programs generate the traffic of thousands of visitors daily, mostly business owners and people of professions such as accountants, doctors, lawyers and investors. Our goal is to get your professional content in front of those viewers. Unlike other video-sharing platforms, our platform is targeted for you to receive serious clients for the business/information you are promoting through your channel.

BizVids Pro comes with the same features as other major video-sharing platforms. You can customize certain back-end features, build a following and manage your content. It also comes with a phone app, and the last but not least great feature is that we are completely making it free once you qualify as a professional in one of our subject categories.

Help in our goal to fight against the spread of false information online! 

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