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Amazon Seller Store

Need assistance in Setting up New Amazon stores... "Suspended on Amazon"?
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Ebay Seller Store

High Limit accounts & Fully Verified Paypal for "Ebay"?
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Etsy Seller Store

Were you suspended from "Etsy?"
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Amazon Appeal Service

Our team has 15 years of experience in Amazon Seller Account Suspensions and Reinstatement. We are Real Sellers like yourself with Real Experience.
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Amazon Feedback Repair

Order Defect Rate(ODR) Issues, Amazon Competitors leaving fake negative feedback?
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Ebay Feedback Repair

Learn how to build up your stores performance before suspension!
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Etsy Feedback Repair

“Do not wait until it’s too late! Fix your stores performance before suspension!”
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Product Research

Gain Access to the #1 Team of Drop Shipping Product Researchers in the world!
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Sentinel University

Learn how to E-com like a "Sentinel" Drop-shipping, Wholesale, Distribution, Private Labelling
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Web Design & Development

Get found online and turn clicks into customers with a "Well-Optimized Website".
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New stores for Suspended Third-Party Online Sellers

As online sellers, we understand how difficult it can be to work with third-party selling platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, And Ect… These platforms use unfair business practices that affect your ability to sell. They constantly create new platform policies to stunt your business growth. They unnecessarily hold your business funds in escrow. Hold your inventory hostage in fulfillment centers. They sometimes suspend your whole store from selling entirely without giving a proper reason.  And when you try to reach out to these companies, their customer service is rude, Un-informative, and disorganized. This creates frustrating experiences for third-party sellers.

We want you to know there are more accessible options to regain power. You are the business owners who invest your money into the platforms which enrich these companies. You should be treated better and have more options to grow and protect your online business. Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket. Contact us if you’re ever in a suspension situation on any selling platform.

How It Works

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Simply Book a call with a Sentinel agent and tell us your interest. We will thoroughly break down how the service works.

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Let us know the package you want to purchase. Provide us the details you want to use We will start right away.

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Sit back and let us do our thing. We will update you consistently as the Account setup process continues. Soon as we are done we will contact you to set up a delivery appointment.

Delivery Time

Now we are ready deliver your account. You will receive a full walk through of how to get started on your seller account!

Start Selling

Once account is finalized you are allowed to get your store selling. Let the $$$ roll in!
Seller Account Setup Services

For Etsy, Amazon, & Ebay (Managed Payments)

Purchase our Seller Account Setup Services for Etsy, Amazon and Ebay, and start selling very quickly.

EcommSentinel makes it as easy as possible to sell

Amazon stealth accounts

Negative Feedback Repair Service

Amazon , eBay, Etsy sellers stop being screwed by competitors and bad actors. Most online third party selling platforms are using a feedback system which monitors your activity of being a responsible seller. These feedback systems determine your longevity and survival as a third party seller. If youre receiving negative feedback at a rate that doesn’t seem normal ,most likely your being attacked by a competitor or a arrogant consumer looking to damage your reputation or get you suspended.

Amazon , eBay, Etsy sellers stop being screwed by competitors and bad actors. Most online third party selling platforms are using a feedback system which monitors your activity of being a responsible seller. These feedback systems determine your longevity and survival as a third party seller. If youre receiving negative feedback at a rate that doesn’t seem normal ,most likely your being attacked by a competitor or a arrogant consumer looking to damage your reputation or get you suspended.


Client Reviews

I never leave reviews but this I owe to the guys at Ecomm Sentinel. Not only did the solve my problem..they gave me hope to keep going on something I thought was impossible. Amazon does what it wants to your account and its near impossible to open a new one. Thanks again for helping out.

Date of experience: March 03, 2022

Carlos J

Excellent research, they used several platforms in his research, I was able to validate the information and validate that it is real and effective, Sentinel will undoubtedly be my product researcher 5 stars.

Jaime Freeman

The Sentinel team are outstanding! I have worked with her on a few orders, and all products have been winners and matched my criteria exactly. I have worked with a few different sellers on Amazon FBA product research, and Trey has provided better analysis than some of the top rated freelancers in this area. Thanks again!

Gilberto Larson

Sentinel Assassins

Product Research Service: Target Winning Products Only!


Gain Access to the #1 Team of E-commerce  Product Researchers in the World! 

Are you are struggling in Product Research to find Quality and fast-selling items on your E-commerce store? The Sentinel Assassins are a team of experienced of online product researchers. With 15 years of experience in eCommerce.

Why Hire the Sentinel Assassins?
During this new era of e-commerce,  everyone is using the exact same tools for store management and research. It leads to all online stores receiving the same exact results which over saturate the selling market. Your goal is to make your shops as unique as possible so that other sellers can’t copy. You can’t make money if a million people are selling the same thing as you!

Here is what our team provide to clients who contract the Sentinel Assassins

  • High ROI In all packages Min 30%
  • Even Rotation of Buy Box
  • return after fee price
  • High Monthly Sales
  • Low Competition
  • Consistent Buy Box Price
  • Ungated Categories.
  • VAT and Sales Tax included in the Calculation
  • Minimum 30% ROI.

Manual Research:  We find unique products manually, validate data and check for any possible risk of Intellectual Property complaints using our in-house software tools and research strategies. Our Job is to find you targeted products with high margins, low competition , and low risk. 

Amazon & Ebay Appeal Services

Amazon, eBay Appeal Letters & Free Advice 16 Years Experience in E-commerce

Do You Need Help

Writting your Amazon, Ebay, Esty Suspension?

Gain Access to Auction Sentinels Amazon Appeal aid and advice. Stop falling for the scams of so-called Appeal gurus and Fake E commerce law Firms! Do not pay $1k plus for a revised template already sold 100 times to other clients.

eBay Seller Stores
  • Free consultation & Unlimited proof Reading​

  • Intellectual Property Appeals

  • Counterfeit & Inauthentic Item Appeals​

  • Order Defect Rate & Late shipment Appeals

  • Original Appeals specific to your Situation

  • ASIN Misuse Appeals

  • Review Manipulation & Other Suspensions

  • Drop Shipping Violation

Drop-shipping, Wholesale, Distribution, Private Labelling

Learn from a Sentinel not a Guru!
1 on 1 Consultation & Coaching Programs

Here is the truth, If you want to sell and profit in E-com, you need a coach who has been in the game for a while and not just a glorified Instagram or YouTube personality who flashes luxury cars. Most of those cars are rented, and their E-com information is inaccurate. Many E-com Gurus give you just enough to have some profit, but it’s not enough to where you would never need them again. We have 15 years of E-com expertise, and my services are designed to teach you the whole Shabangabang! Don’t settle for fake gurus.

Web Design Services
  • ​1-1 Coaching that will help your E-commerce business scale 

  • Access to Private Meet-Ups and Events

  • How to Find The Right Products To Sell

  • Crucial Steps to Avoid Getting Suspended

Automation Sentinel

Key to Zion

Automate your Amazon Store by joining the Key to Zion. Amazon Automation on Steroids! Allow us to take over and help build your dream of owning a $100k + per month Amazon store. Earn up to 4x more than any Amazon Automation service!

  • Product Research, Daily Listing; 

  • Inventory Management;

  • Order Processing;​

  • Order Tracking & Returns;

  • Customer Service ;

  • Repricing, A-Z Claims, Charge backs, Return Request; 

  • Seller Accounts, Suspension, Appeals;

BizVids Pro1

Visit the #1 video-sharing website online for Business and Educational content creators.

  • All Content creators are thoroughly Vetted in their respective professional fields to assure quality information on the platform. 

  • Enjoy all the same features as YouTube as you Like, follow, comment, and subscribe to your favorite channels.

  • Learn of new business opportunities, E-commerce subjects, Marketing strategies, Real estate, and much more from evaluated professionals. 

Professional Content You can Trust!

Etsy Seller Account

Are you interested in meeting the team behind Sentinel Solutions? Join our free weekly Meet and Greets everyday Monday – Saturday Eastern time at 5 pm. Ask questions about setting up stores on Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, etc… Ask questions about Drop-shipping, Private Labelling , Whole-sale, and marketing. We have 15 years experience in E-commerce.

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  • Seller Suspension Prevention Setup Services: Need Additional Pro Amazon, Ebay, & Etsy Seller Account Setups For Your E-com Arsenal?
  • Amazon/Ebay Feedback Repair & ODR Repair Service
  • Successful Amazon Appeal Filing
  • VCC (Virtual Credit Card) Shop
  • Sentinel Assassins: Target Winning Products 
  • Key to Zion: E-commerce Automation Program
  • Free to Join E-Commerce Forum
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